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Building the KARA Hummerİ

The "Hummer" construction plans contain a material list. If you follow this list exactly, you will have minimal waste. The list includes the lumber that you will need, the hardware, and the other miscellaneous supplies.

The plans do not specify the type of wood that you should use to construct the boat. I believe this is considered a personal preference, and depends on the end use of the boat.

Some people prefer to build their boat to last forever, and will use treated wood. Others would consider weight to be a deciding factor and will use a lighter wood like white pine or stika spruce. I personally chose to build mine cheap and used number 2 yellow pine and luan plywood. This is something that you will have to decide yourself. CAUTION, the designer warns that epoxy will not stick to wet, treated wood.

Probably the most common option considered is the square stern or motor mount option. The plans do not mention this option, but many people elect to include it in their boats.

This is the easiest method to attach a small trolling motor to the stern of the KARA. My thanks go to Dave Sikorski for the drawing.

Drawing by Dave Sikorski

Photo by Dave Sikorski

There are other options that you may or may not decide to install. Some people put in the stabilizer hole and some don't. Again, you will have to decide if you will use this option.

Another modification that is becoming more popular is cutting the front rib 2 inches shorter than the plans specify. Owners of KARA's so modified claim better tracking while poling, and more pleasing lines. This would also make the sharp bend in the gunnels easer to make. However, this modification will reduce load carrying capacity, and increase the draft!

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