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You can use basic HTML tags to spruce up your listing.   see tips

You can add links to additional photos, but enter your primary photo in the Picture URL below. If you want more than one photo for your item, insert its URL in the Description section in the following format:
<img src=>

Picture URL

If you place the URL's of your photos in the discription box above, enter the following to trigger the picture icon:

Item location

City, Region (e.g., Redwood City, CA)

  More about regional selling
Increase your exposure for no additional cost! When you choose a region, bidders will see your item on both eBay and Regional eBay pages.


see tips
If quantity is more than one, then you will have a Dutch Auction (Multiple Item Auction) .
Minimum bid
per item (in $) see tips
(e.g., 2.00 -- Please do not include commas or currency symbols, such as $.)
Auction Duration


Reserve Price Enter reserve price (in $): when to use a reserve price
Careful! Reserve Auction fees will apply even if your item does not sell. details

Private Auction?

  Please don't use this unless you have a specific reason. details

Get more bids with these optional features!
Make your item stand out from the crowd!
List item in two categories

You will select a subcategory on the next page.
OR Enter the second category # if you already know it.

  • Optional features ( except Home Page Featured) apply to Both categories.
  • Insertion and optional feature fees ( except Home Page Featured) will double.
  • Final value fees will not be doubled.
  • Listing in two categories is only available for single item auctions.   learn more!
Home Page Featured
(formerly Featured)
$99.95 Receive the highest level of visibility on eBay
( see example )

Your item will be showcased:
- in a rotation on our Home page
- in a special featured auctions section of eBay
Featured Plus!
(formerly Featured in Category and now includes Featured in Search! )
$19.95 Your item will be featured in a special section that appears on top of our category listings and now search results pages. ( see example )
$5.00 A yellow colored band will highlight your item on category listings and search results pages ( see example )
$2.00 Boldface lettering adds instant emphasis to your listing ( see example )
Great Gift icon?  $1.00 charge  learn more
eBay's miniature picture showcase
N/A Your item will not be included in the Gallery
$0.25 Adds a picture preview to your item ( see example )
$19.95 Features your item within the gallery ( see example )

If you list in Gallery and leave the Gallery URL empty, your Picture URL will be used as your Gallery URL. Only jpg, bmp, or tif files can be used in the Gallery.
Please note that gif files will not appear in the Gallery!
Free Counter [tack] counters show how many times your item has been viewed.

Add counter       Learn more about counters

You will be able to modify your counter after completing this form.

Buy It Now
Sell your item instantly to the first buyer who meets your specified price.

The Buy It Now price is only available before bids appear.

Learn more
Buy It Now - Special Holiday Promotion
Free during Holiday promotion
$ Enter the Buy It Now price
  e.g., 20.00 -- Please do not include commas or currency symbols, like $.

Buy It Now is not currently available for multiple item auctions.

We recommend combining Buy It Now with Instant Purchase & eBay Online Payments (available below.)
eBay Online Payments by Billpoint
Accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) or electronic checks from winning bidders online.
learn more

Apply now , if you have not registered as a seller with Billpoint.
Accept Credit Cards (available to buyers in these countries ).
Accept Electronic Checks (available to U.S. buyers only)

The ultimate in payment convenience
  Instant Purchase enabled for U.S buyers when the auction ends
    Shipping, Handling: $
    Additional Shipping: $ for each additional item
    Sales Tax :   % charged in
    Your return policy:

  Add icon to bottom of my Description. add it yourself

Payment Methods
Choose all that you will accept
Money Order/Cashiers Check Personal Check Visa/MasterCard
COD (cash on delivery) Discover American Express
See Item Description Other



I will accept escrow, buyer pays (recommended)
I will pay escrow
I will not accept escrow, (if selected, the Escrow section will not appear on
       the item listing)

learn more

Ship-to locations


Will ship to United States only
Will ship to internationally (worldwide)
Will ship to United States and the following regions: (Check all that apply)
South America
Mexico and Central America
Middle East
see tips

Shipping payment


Seller Pays Shipping    Buyer Pays Fixed Amount 
Buyer Pays Actual Shipping Cost  See Item Description

Remember my selling preferences. (sections marked with [tack] )

Click the Continue button to proceed. You will not incur any fees until you accept the terms disclosed on the next screen.

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