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Building the KARA Hummer©

Here is an excellent example of a Kara project in which the builder incorporated a square stern and a motor mount. Also, notice in the second and fifth picture, that the builder installed a drain plug just to the left of the motor mount. He permanently fastened the floor boards to the ribs, and drilled holes in the ribs to allow the water to fully drain.

The builder notes that using a 4 horsepower outboard on the transom works fine, but care must be taken when turning.


It measures approximately 18 inches from the cockpit to the transom, making the overall length of the boat about 12 feet. The transom is about 40 inches long and made from 3 pieces of 1/4 inch plywood laminated together.

The beautiful camo job was done by bonding a thin cotton camouflage material to the deck with polyester resin. The flatness of the finish comes from shooting on several coats of auto clear coat to which he has added an activator (with UV protection) and a flattener.


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